"Working with Adam Welsh was a watershed moment in my artistic journey. When I met Adam, I was a painfully cerebral actor and, though I knew I had something creative to offer, I was too insecure and locked to realise it. I felt like I was running in a hamster wheel, trying to gather enough information to outrun and outsmart vulnerability. 

Under Adam's mentorship this changed dramatically. His ability to hold a safe space for exploration empowered me to engage with and trust my instincts. He doesn’t take the role of superior but rather walks with me through my learning, supporting my journey but never leading it.

On top of this, Adam has an uncanny ability to ground me in my authentic self. I spend less time and energy worrying about what other people might think of me and more time engaging in my art! This connection to authenticity has improved not only my acting but every creative endeavour I undertake, and because of his breadth of experience, Adam has been able to advise me across every one of these.

I cannot recommend Adam Welsh highly enough. I would implore anyone who gets the chance to work with this man to grab it with both hands!"

Keir Ogilvy, Current Mentee



Adam offers bespoke mentorship and coaching for performers, artists and theatre practitioners. Having developed his own artisic practice, taught at some of the UK's top drama schools and worked extensively at leading arts organisations for over a decade, he is now welcoming new clients, whatever their needs or level of experience.


I'm passionate enabling artists to reach their goals and I'm excited to be officially launching my mentorship programme in artistic practice, skills coaching and professional and personal development. I place the mentee at the centre of everything I do and I always strive support them in the most compassionate and complementary way possible. I believe in not only helping you to be an exceptional artist, but in encouraging you to have autonomy, authenticity and genuine confidence."


Adam Welsh 2020 


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For Actors:

Audition Prep


Self Taping


Acting Through Song

Acting Technique

Developing your Process




Writing for Theatre

Creative Writing 

Song Writing 



Sound Design



Sound and Video Editing