hell IS other people

HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE journeys between London and Egypt and involves Adam and the story of someone he’s never met. Let's call her Basila, which is not her real name, but it means Brave in Arabic.

Basila lives in Egypt. She is a Muslim. She wishes she hadn’t been born.

Adam lives in London. He used to be a born-again Christian. He is afraid of death.

They met in an online chatroom. They have never met. They talk every week. Basila says that Adam is the only person in her life she can talk to. Adam doesn’t really know how to help Basila, but he listens.

Adam’s wife Karla doesn’t really understand why he spends so much time talking to someone he’s never met. She doesn’t even believe that Basila is real. Karla is an actress. Adam wonders what it would be like if Karla played Basila. Brought her to life. And what if Basila could watch...

HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE was shared as a work in progress at Camden People's Theatre as apart of The Shape Of Things To Come Festival.  Full production coming soon.

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